To be a leader in ammunition development, manufacturing and Products qualification, ensuring the highest safety and quality standards

About Us

It is the vision of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President and the Directive of Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince HH Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to establish a facility with global footprint for manufacturing ammunitions

The ammunition manufacturing industry in the UAE was established in 1994, initiating the production of small arms ammunition and later expanded onto production of medium calibre in 2010 and large calibre in 2011. Throughout the years, the defense industry faced several challenges due to the absence of base support and insufficient expertise. In 2007, under the guidance of the Crown Prince HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the defense industry took a different route by establishing Tawazun Holdings to bring all the defense companies under one umbrella

In 2015, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan established Emirates Defense Industries which resulted in enhanced synergies, knowledge sharing and optimization of resource utilisation through merger of small, medium and large caliber ammunition units under one entity “BARIJ Munitions” (BM).

Environmental Plan

BM has planned its growth while it traces goals that ensure the following
Manage the business in a sustainable and environmental responsible way.
Company board and its collaborators are engaged in joint management to protect the environment.
Compliance with current laws and regulations.
Focus on continuous improvement of the environmental performance.
Continuously measure and control our environmental performance.

Social Responsibility

BM operates in a socially responsible manner for building a sustainable and just society, fully integrating the employees in this vision.


BM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and adopts a strict production control which – along with high quality standards – meets such international standards as NATO, US MIL and CIP. BM has developed a versatile production management with flexibility to respond to customers’ most diverse and demanding technical specifications. All the work is performed according company’s Quality Management System. BM has developed a Continuous Improvement Program to imbibe cutting edge technological advancements.


To be the preferred strategic partner of the UAE Military and Armed Forces for conventional ammunition supply and services.


To be the reliable supplier in a most cost effective approach for conventional ammunition and services to the UAE Military, Law enforcement agencies as well as GCC/MENA market through growing local manufacturing capabilities and developing testing and R&D competencies.

Our Products

Over the years, BM gained a significant traction in the area of ammunition manufacture and consistently enthused our client base with ammunition solutions that outperformed and outlasted their perceptions.

  • Manufacturing different types of bullets for different Small Calibers ranging between 5.56 x 45 mm to 12.7x99 mm.
  • Manufacturing different range of Medium and Large Calibers ammunition (40x53 mm HV, 60 mm Mortars Bombs, 155 mm HE Shells, 107 mm Rockets, 122 mm Rockets, and MK Series Aircraft Bombs)
  • Manufacturing sporting shot gun ammunition for sporting, hunting and special purposes including law enforcement.
  • Modernization, capacity and capability enhancement of all lines is ongoing process to produce state of art ammunition.
  • Qualified test laboratories performing endurance, accuracy, performance compliance and safety tests for all major ammunition types according to applicable international standards.

All Products
9MM Caliber
223 Remington Caliber
5.56MM Caliber
7.62MM Caliber
12.7MM Caliber
12 Gauge Caliber
Infantry Ammunitions
Artillery Ammunitions
Air Craft Ammunitions

Our Services

Ammunition Testing - Test Ranges

The BARIJ Munitions Test Ranges are designed to be multipurpose instrumented test facilities. The following ranges are available for explosives and ballistic testing

300 m Outdoor

- 40 mm rounds all types (Low velocity, Medium velocity and High velocity)
- Hand grenades (offensive and defensive) and Pyrotechnic hand grenades
- Rifle grenades
- Less than lethal ammunition
- Smoke generators
- Signal flare and countermeasure flares
- Selected Demolition explosives and accessories
- Static detonations up to 1 kg NEQ

100 m and 50 m indoor

100 m and 50 m Indoor Shooting Range provides real time environmental testing for small caliber ammunition and weapons, ranging from 5.56 mm to 12.7 mm calibers. The indoor shooting ranges is here to support ammunition and component testing needs

We provide the following ammunition and weapons testing:

- Electronic Pressure , Velocity, Action Time test (EPVAT)
- Precision Test
- Function & Casualty Test
- Temp Stability Test(High/Low) Test
- Penetration Test
- Hardness
- Grain Structure
- Bullet Extraction
- Waterproofness Test
- Primer Sensitivity
- Weapons Durability And Functionality Testing
- Protective Material Testing, Armor Ballistic Resistance
- R & D Test And Evaluation
- Reliability, Failure Analysis, Fatigue, Performance Under Extreme Environmental Condition

Ballistic Testing Capability

The test equipment meets MIL, NATO & CIP specifications. Some of the equipment are mention below.

- Photo screens and Doppler radar for measuring velocity.
- Ballistic pressure measurement with NATO qualified transducers.
- Blast overpressure measurement.
- Piezo-electric pressure sensor calibrator
- High-speed videography up to 400 000 fps and High Definition color cameras
- Ballistic testing with dedicated Test weapons for all types of 40 mm grenades and Small Arms Ammunition.
- Static testing of explosive filled components up to 1 kg.
- Environmental conditioning of ammunition under test prior to firing.
- Mobile test capability that can be deployed to military firing ranges

Analytical Chemical Laboratory

- Accredited and licensed by Ministry of Health.
- Quality testing and approval of all incoming explosives, paint and various raw materials against international standards.
- Quality testing of incoming assembly components.
- Quality testing of manufactured explosives.
- Propellant stabilizer content tests.
- Propellant long term stability tests
- Environmental analysis of wastewater effluent
- Compatibility and stability testing of explosives
- Plant support for chemical process parameters
- Occupational Health – Monitoring of Air Quality

X-Ray Laboratory

- Accredited and licensed by Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation.
- BARIJ Munitions has a 9 MeV Linear Accelerator and digital imaging system available for Non-destructive Testing (NDT).
- The system is suitable for the x-ray inspection of large caliber artillery shells, aircraft bombs and rocket motors.
- The system is also available for other industrial applications like the x-ray examination of turbine hubs and large metal castings.
- The imaging system Primary detector offers exceptional resolution (4008 x 2672).
- Full 16 bit digitization gives excellent contrast and dynamic range.
- Defect detection capability exceeds film in most circumstances (≤ 2% 2T) according to MIL-STD-746.

Explosive & Ammunition Demilitarization & Demilitarization capabilities

- Disassembly (Pull apart, unscrew, cutting, lathing, milling, abrasive cutting, pressing, high pressure water jet).
- Separation (hot water washing out and separation/solidification of TNT based explosives).
- Incineration (Static Detonation Chamber) of bulk explosive, ammunition, explosive components. Almost all types of Explosives and Pyrotechnics.
- Open Pit Burning & Open Pit Detonation.

- Military ammunition products.
- Commercial mining, oil and gas products.